Alcohol Addiction

Some are more prone to alcoholism than others. Many alcoholics are artistic, creative, intelligent, and compassionate with inquisitive minds. For an intelligent, sensitive person, alcohol is an easy escape, numbing the mind from the pain of a harsh world.

Science has proved that alcohol is a carcinogen and mutagen. Research studies have found that even one drink per day can double the risk of developing breast cancer. Alcohol kills brain cells, degenerates the heart muscle, damages the liver, and can deform an unborn child.

Alcohol causes a sharp mind to become dull. Intoxication is the brain’s response to being poisoned. Concentrating and focus become work, trying to wallow through a mental fog. How can God communicate with such a mind? Alcohol numbs the conscience making it susceptible to degrading and sickening thoughts that normally would appall us. Alcohol’s solvent properties seep into the deepest recesses of the character, eroding purity, self-esteem, honesty, integrity, faith and peace.

Alcohol halts spiritual growth. If you turned to alcohol as a teen, then you will continue to have the maturity of a teenager as long as you drink.

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