Juice Fasting Produces Rapid Weight Loss

A person can lose 30 to 45 pounds in a month. This, of course, assumes that the person has a lot of weight to lose. Normal weight people can benefit from a juice fast. They can become healthier, more alert, and have more physical ability by gaining the benefits of a juice fast, so juice fasting is not all about losing weight. However, if your main problem is excess weight, juice fasting is a marvelous way to reach your goals.

Weight to lose
If you have a lot of weight to lose, the initial loss may be 2 or 3 pounds a day. This will slow down and can even become stagnant for brief periods as water replaces the oil in the fat cells.

If your loss has slowed because of a slowing of your metabolism, you may reduce your caloric intake and add some basic exercise to your routine. Government studies have found that heavy, aerobic exercise may not be necessary. A good walk every day may be all that you need.

It is best if you consider the number of pounds that you lose as casually as you can and just let it happen. Don’t weigh yourself several times a day. Occupy your life with other things. Concentrate on the other healthy things that are part of your overall heath recovery plan.

This article was written by our guest writer, Mr. Bob Davis.
Founder of the Alternative Cancer Treatments website!

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