Nicotine Addiction

The first experience of smoking a cigarette is equivalent to smoking dirty socks. Nausea and dizziness quickly follow indicating the body’s unwillingness to participate. The insanity is that millions of people continue until it becomes a deeply rooted addiction.

Tobacco contributes to 30 percent of all cancers. A burning cigarette contains over two hundred poisonous substances that are carried by the blood to every cell in the body. Cigarettes advance aging of the skin. Nicotine binds white blood cells, increasing the chance of infections. Shellac, acetone, turpentine, acetaldehyde and glyoxal are common cigarette additives, some of which have caused cancer in animals.

Researchers have found that a burning cigarette releases radioactive polonium. Polonium metal is vaporized by heat and sucked into and deposited in the lungs. Smoking one- and-a-half packs per day exposes the lungs to 8,000 millirems per year (Science, December 1984). This is greater than any other radiation source. Scientist Dennis O’ Dowd says that your exposure could be several times greater than living next door to a nuclear reactor.

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