The Healing Power of Vegetables

Natural Healing with Vegetable Juice
Our bodies are designed to thrive on raw vegetables. Cooking foods so destroys the nutritional values that we develop many deficiency disease as a result. Fortunately, our health can be largely restored by taking into our bodies the concentrated nutritional power of fresh vegetable juices. You need not worry about fiber. More than enough fiber is present in vegetable juices than is required to keep our systems operating well.

This vegetable can be difficult to cultivate, but once established the beds can produce for hundreds of years. Asparagus is rich in asparagine, an amino acid that is destroyed by cooking. It is an excellent inclusion in fresh vegetable juices. It is a mild diuretic.

Beets are high in vitamins and minerals and are excellent for strengthening the gall bladder and building blood. The tops are excellent salad greens. Beet juice is very strong and should be drunk only blended into other vegetable juices and not drunk alone.

Broccoli is the immature head of a flower, picked before blooming. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and also protein.

Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts is similar to Broccoli in its food value

Raw cabbage provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals as well as sulfur compounds. Drink cabbage juice within a minute as the essential elements immediately begin to oxidize. Use it in a mixture of vegetable juice. Do not store this juice. Juice it last and drink it fresh from the juicer.

Carrots are, perhaps, the most valuable vegetable for juicing because of their healing properties. It is the usual base to which other juices are added. Although it has a high sugar content, the blend of ingredients in carrot juice cannot be excelled for balanced nutrition.

Celery is high in minerals and is a significant source for magnesium. It does not stand alone as a palatable juice for drinking, but it is an excellent flavor enhancer for other juices. Chopping the celery stalks into short pieces will help to prevent the long celery strings from clogging the juicer. Be sure to juice the leaves as well..

Cucumbers are an excellent addition to a mix of vegetables for juicing. They are high in potassium and contain other minerals as well.

Collards are rich in calcium and are high in vitamin A and iron.

Fennel adds its own distinctive sweet taste to vegetable juice and has the nutritional qualities of celery.

Garlic promotes enzyme action and adds its own distinctive taste to vegetable juices.

Ginger Root
The distinctive flavor of ginger is a welcome addition to the palate of flavors available to enhance vegetable juices. Use it sparingly until you are aware of the character that it adds to the juice.

Kale is in the cabbage family with similar nutritional qualities.

There are many varieties of lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is widely available because it is easy to grow and has a good shelf life. However, it is almost worthless as food. Look for the dark leafed varieties. Romaine is a good choice. It juices well, but it has a very short shelf life.

Onions come in a variety of sizes and attributes. Some are very strong flavored and others are sweet and mild. Green onions may also be juiced, adding their own ‘onion’ character to the drink.

Parsley helps to reduce the strong odor and flavor of garlic and is an excellent source of chlorophyl. Juice it with other vegetables in order to prevent clogging the juicer with the dense pulp that forms when it is juiced alone.

Peppers come in a wide variety of colors and flavors from sweet to very hot. If a milder juice is desired, remove the seeds before juicing,

Red radishes may be hot or mild. The white ones are mild. They provide an interesting variation of flavor.

Spinach juice is very mellowing to a strong flavored mix of vegetable juices. It is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta carotene and when juiced with carrots, provide a very nice variation of flavor.

This article was written by our guest writer, Mr. Bob Davis.
Founder of the Alternative Cancer Treatments website!

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  1. Greg Moses says:

    I started a vegetable juice fast 3 days ago. This is not my first rodeo so I plan on taking this veggie fat to 90 days. I am doing this for Healing, weight loss and prayer. I am happy to find this site and look forward to reading more. Will you have a forum for people to post fasting experiences?